Incurable Pain: Chapter 75.2

The atmosphere of the four people at the table seemed tense and would explode at a touch.

Fortunately, at this moment, Yu Shiqin and his fiancée, the couple of newcomers, had already gone on stage, and they can finally calm down a little bit for the time being.

Bai Xunyin thought of the ‘alliance marriage’ that Yu Luoyin had just said, so she subconsciously raised her head and looked at the stage.

As a result, only when she looked closely, could she discover that Yu Shiqin and the beautiful lady next to him were indeed ‘unfamiliar.’

Whether two people are close to each other, depends mainly on the expression in the eyes and the expression in the body.

But no matter which one they are, they have no tacit communication with each other, they were only spoofing ‘love,’ and they were polite for the sake of profit.

It’s really uncomfortable to look at, no wonder Yu Luoyin was so annoyed.

But then she thought about it, why wouldn’t they be unfamiliar. Only the ‘person knows himself when he drinks water, if it was warm or cold’(1).

For some people, love was not that important, and benefits can maintain a relationship.

Maybe Yu Shiqin’s state was what Yu Yuan and Gu Yuan hoped that Yu Luoyin would grow into—however, he was a demon king who liked to grow freely.

At the end of the banquets, taking advantage of the time when Yu Luoyin was pulled by Yu Shiqin over to speak, Bai Xunyin was not surprised that Gu Yuan would find her at this time.

“Engineer Bai.” The woman who she had extremely admired was in front of her, and was destined to be inextricably linked afterwards, was one of the few people who called her that way. Gu Yuan’s delicately made-up face forced a smile: “Can we talk?”

Bai Xunyin’s purpose for coming was to do this, so naturally she will not refuse.

The two people walked to the French window of the winery in tacit understanding, and there was no one around, so it was a natural place to talk.

Gu Yuan took a deep breath and spoke first: “Engineer Bai…”

“Dean Gu.” Bai Xunyin smiled and said, “Just call my name.”

Gu Yuan’s ‘Engineer Bai’ to be honest, she still can’t live up to it for now.

“Okay, Xiao Bai.” So Gu Yuan also called out this name for juniors, she glanced over at the glass window in front of her, and suddenly laughed shortly: “Look, is the current scene similar to the scene from six years ago?”

The same empty corridors and huge windows, but the mood today was very different from that of the past.

Six years ago, Gu Yuan was proud and arrogant, and her attitude towards Bai Xunyin was like, she was an ant controlled at will in her palm.

But now it was different. Instead, the girl in front of her made her feel uneasy, because as long as Bai Xunyin told Yu Luoyin all the things that happened six years ago, she would fall into an extremely passive situation.

Because Gu Yuan was already timid to let Yu Luoyin know that the ‘culprit’ that caused them to separate back then was herself.

It was really timing and destiny.

Gu Yuan couldn’t help but smile a little self-deprecatingly.

“No, it’s not the same.” Bai Xunyin smiled and turned her head slightly to look at Gu Yuan: “The Dean Gu, who was in front of me six years ago, was confident and deliberate, but now you are like a frightened bird.”

Her words were not polite, causing Gu Yuan’s pupils to shrink unconsciously.

“Dean Gu, I have always liked you very much. I actually knew you earlier than Yu Luoyin.” Bai Xunyin squinted, recalling her experience of searching for Gu Yuan lectures on the Internet since the beginning of High School: “I admired your academic attainments and ideas, and even wanted to be a professor like you when I was young and immature.”

When I was young and immature.

Gu Yuan slowly savored this sentence, and couldn’t help but smile wryly: “Now that you know what kind of person I am, selfish and egotistical, all those senses of worship are gone, right?”

“No, you are still a professor I admire. Whether it was a lecture or a paper, my teacher also said that you are a scientific researcher he admires very much.” Bai Xunyin shook her head and denied what Gu Yuan had just said. But facing the staring eyes of Gu Yuan, her attitude took a sudden turn–

“But with all due respect, Dean Gu, your attitude towards Yu Luoyin was something I cannot accept.”

Gu Yuan’s brows tightened suddenly, looking at Bai Xunyin as if she didn’t understand, there was obvious doubt in her eyes.

“Dean Gu, you never know what your son wants. You always impose your and Mr. Yu’s expectations on Yu Luoyin. I take the liberty to ask, are you purely treating him as your son? Or a work product worth showing off? Just like every one of your essays.”

A thin layer of sweat broke out on the palm of Gu Yuan’s palm unconsciously: “You, what did you say?”

“Dean Gu, your level of intelligence surpasses 98% of the people in the country. You don’t know what I’m talking about?” Bai Xunyin smiled, but her eyes were sharp and close: “You know Yu Luo when he was thirteen years old, he went to see a psychiatrist. Then went for three consecutive years? Do you know that he worked hard to grow and become what you want, was all to get revenge on you, but the heart of the matter was that, he still wanted to attract your attention and make you… love him?”

At the end of her words, Gu Yuan’s face, which had always been joyful and unaffected, became ugly, white like a piece of paper, and the slender fingers holding the armrest behind her couldn’t help but tighten.

Because of her ashamed discovery, what Bai Xunyin said… She really didn’t know.

What has she been doing all these years?

She even ignored her only son so thoroughly, yet she continued to selfishly ask him to grow according to her own plan, and even when Yu Luoyin finally became more and more uncontrollable…she would criticize him.

“Maybe your career and Mr. Yu’s career are more important than Luoyin’s future.” Bai Xunyin looked away to the branches and vine leaves outside the window. She has been suffocated ever since she came out of Lu Ying’s psychological clinic. At the present, she finally spit out that repressed feeling, she suddenly felt lighter, and said faintly: “But I will feel sorry for him.”

“So Dean Gu, I will never tell him that we met in the hospital.” Bai Xunyin looked at Gu Yuan, not knowing whether she gave her ‘reassurance‘ or sarcasm——

“I hope Yu Luoyin is happy. I only hope that he is happy, and his relationship with you has eased a little now, I won’t create trouble.”

“But I will be together with him, always together.”

“As for the conversation we had six years ago, let’s treat it as a secret buried by time.”

There was no trace after the passage of water, no one will ever know.

And she, as long as she helped Yu Luoyin to ‘vent his anger’ today, that was enough.

The atmosphere was close to suffocating silence. After a long while, Gu Yuan slowly raised her head, looking at Bai Xunyin’s eyes, she was tired and embarrassed.

All of a sudden, she seemed to be several years older, and the youthful features that were usually sustained by her vitality, appeared to give in to the ruthless passage of time.

Gu Yuan looked at her and said softly, “Thank you.”

“No need.” Bai Xunyin looked down at her watch, thinking that Yu Luoyin would come to find her after a while, so she got up and said goodbye, leaving only one sentence before leaving here: “I am doing this for Yu Luoyin.”

(1) Means that only the subject person knows what experiences, joys and sorrows they have had. They are clear on the situation and also implies bystanders cannot help them.

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